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Terms and conditions for customers to use the service led by www.voodoo4you.com


Pries DAH , (after called "voodoo4you") operates under www.voodoo4you.com an information, whose service on various multimedia communication channels such as Internet, telephone and in person are available.


1st Scope / amendment of the Conditions / Reasons of the contract


1.1 The General Terms and Conditions ("Terms") apply to the entire

Commerce in the course of using the website of voodoo4you.

The terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between the customer and voodoo4you. All services within the site of voodoo4you be provided subject to these Terms. The customer accepts the terms and conditions of the matters regulated by binding.


The controller may be the current terms at any time or stored on www.maerlyn-rituals.com found at www.voodoo4you.com, and / or printed. Voodoo4you reserves the right to change the terms at any time.

The customer has in4 weeks after the change in the Conditions of the opportunity, without giving reasons in writing (via e-mail, letter) to disagree. If the customer objects to the changes within that period, shall be deemed to consent.


2nd Contract

2.1 By confirmation of registration by the customer on the email, phone, in person of the voodoo4you Defer ratio is reached regarding the use of the Site and the services between voodoo4you and the customer.

2.2 By use of fee-based service, the contractual relationship with voodoo4you regarding the service, telephone, email, chat, personal existence.

3rd Contractual items


The payment performance of voodoo4you takes the customer in recognition of his responsibility and in the knowledge that voodo4you services are provided, the basic principles and effects after the findings are not always scientifically or technically detectable, but only an inner belief, an inner or an irrational belief, can meet for a third party incomprehensible attitude of the customer. The customer knows that these services to achieve the desired success of it are not always rationally explicable. The customer is explicitly pointed out that only in an voodoo4you temple - africa, all materials required by him to expect, faith, and fully performed rituals is a success can be adjusted .. a guarantee can not be taken

3.1 Services


It will examine the use of the website, Service to take advantage. Voodoo4you provides services to the customer as esoteric rituals. Voodoo - Magic is a spiritual work, I cannot give any guarantee for success. voodoo4you agrees to confidentiality with respect to third after a ritual, as well as other Serves performance. Voodoo4you ensuring the high quality of service and preventing abuse and exploitation of the special circumstances of the customer. Rituals with african herbs is no liability is assumed! Also not in succession - of any kind! Allergies can occur at any time. Every client is so far at your own risk. Voodoo4you, the webmaster, my angencies/ sectretary cannot give an guarantee for successfull results, Voodoo is a spiritual work.


4th Performance of voodoo4you

4.1 The site with the selection, can be made available to subjects as well as performances by voodoo4you be added at any time or changed in order to keep them up to date or improve, to renew, adapt the content and legal requirements or technical developments finishes to implement and, if so, taking into account the interests of the voodoo4you is reasonable. Voodoo4you sets out the benefits under the existing technical and operational possibilities. Due to ongoing maintenance and further development can use the possibilities are limited or temporarily suspended, if this is in terms of capacity limits, the security or integrity of servers and other technical equipment or to carry out technical or conceptual measures is required. Claims are not applicable.

4.2 voodoo4you takes no responsibility for the realization of a service, a claim may not refer to a service.


5th Terms of Use

5.1 The use of power serves only full age and contractually capable persons allowed ggfl. Legal representative must provide their consent in writing.

5.2 Each transfer, copy, or sale of those services, as well as the particular site to license voodoo4you, is absolutely prohibited. A case of culpable violation leads to a display.

5.3 The customer is committed to make for the service of voodoo4you complete and accurate information of the requested data. Voodoo4you reserves the right to Email adress customer, and customer information to be deleted after a reasonable time, even if they have no long-term benefits of voodoo4you claimed.

5.4 voodoo4you takes into consideration cultural and religious needs of its customers. Voodoo4you reserves the right to exclude persons from voodoo4you the violation of the TOS or in an unauthorized manner to provide benefits to the extent necessary for reasons of order, fairness and equal opportunities compared to others is deemed necessary. Furthermore, reserves the right voodoo4you, convey requests no further contact or cancel, or exclude customers to delete their information, messages and comments, provided they threatening, abusive, obscene, offensive, slanderous, pornographic or illegal in any other way include or against the immoral statements. Voodoo4you also reserves the right, obviously a service not eligible customers, such as Drunken, irresponsible or underage excluded. The customer is not allowed to ask information or leave feedback, to violate the rights of others, harmful to minors, right-or left-wing extremist content are protected by applicable law or deceptive, abusive, violent, pornographic, or objectionable. The claim for refund voodoo4you remains unaffected. The use of the website and service of the voodoo4you may only be made under the applicable law and with the approval of these terms and conditions.

5.5 The client respects the privacy of voodoo4you, and staff. Harassment by unwanted phone calls, emails, chat messages are not generally permitted.

5.6 The customer can voodoo4you free to send a message "under info@vodooo4you.com area to arrange an appointment for a Used power.

5.7 voodoo4you stores the emails of customers for four months. After the deadline, which mails the customer will be deleted. A recovery is not possible. The customer is solely for local, long-term storage of its responsibility to ensure emails.

5.8 Is it not allowed to spread over voodoo4you viruses, Trojan horses or other harmful data / files and / or content. The use of voodoo4you website is illegal where technical facilities are to be feared damage to the site could take place.


6th Defects ads

6.1 Non unacceptable damage or defects in the service of the service, the customer may view these terms in particular information that run counter to the consultations by e-mail to info@voodoo4you.com. In case of legitimate complaints may voodoo4you reimburse the customer the service fees paid for a maximum of 15%. Whether there is a legitimate complaint, decides voodoo4you after examination and objective criteria in its sole discretion.

7th Pricing and Billing


7.1 Services: The rate for a service is announced to the customer before the service and billed ritual before the start / beginning of the service. Remote rituals (services) are billed in advance. Remote rituals (services) are then executed in front of witnesses. The level of prices and fees are based on expenses for the ritual - the service offers each on the site of voodoo4you. Voodooo4you can change the prices and fees at any time and will notify the customer in time.

The settlement of outstanding charges takes place immediately after each use or performance of the retrieval and can be paid over to the voodoo4you offered payment methods in accordance with Clause 7.4 of the GTC.

7.2 services directly: With the start of the service - an interview before the ritual - the Customer acknowledges its obligation to pay and the right voodoo4you, cashing the money. It is not considered to Clause 7.4 of the GTC.

7.3 Services or distance: With the start of the long-distance service - Interview by email before the ritual - the customer acknowledges its obligation to pay and sends the voodoo4you be set to the specified amount of voodoo4you or agency account. It is not considered to Clause 7.4 of the GTC.

7.4 credits from special promotions can not be paid.

7.5 The above rates and fees are inclusive of applicable VAT.


8th Liability

8.1 voodoo4you liable only for typically when using the information provided by his website and the information provided by their other technical facilities incurred damage from the intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty of voodoo4you or an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or agents of voodoo4you-based. Voodoo4you is not liable for damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health or for damages resulting from breach of contractual duties voodoo4you. May main contractual obligations are those obligations the fulfillment of the proper execution of the contract and permit only and trust in its compliance with the customer. Voodoo4you liable for their own, at least negligent breach of duty or at least negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or agent of voodoo4you.

8.2 On the present state of technology, data communications over the Internet and the telephone network is not error-free and / or be guaranteed at all times. Voodoo4you is not liable for the permanent availability of the website or service.

8.3 on the website and the online and print advertisements by voodoo4you-specified information, and voodoo4you, the service are interested as a source of information related to the availability of used voodoo4you. Voodoo4you is always ready to present all available information, accurate and current as possible, a liability is excluded in principle.

8.4 voodoo4you takes no responsibility for the timeliness, accuracy or completeness of the information provided or mediated. In particular, voodoo4you not liable for damages due to the fact that incorrect information will be followed from the site. Liability claims against voodoo4you, which refer to damages of an intellectual or material nature, caused by the non-use or use of the information or the use of incorrect and incomplete information are basically excluded, provided by voodoo4you not intentional or grossly negligent.

8.5. voodoo4you is not responsible for the content of external sites. Despite careful selection at the time of linking, voodoo4you does not accept liability for external links and their content. For incorrect, misleading, illegal, or incomplete contents and especially third party for any damages of material or immaterial nature arising from the use or disuse of such information, services or products lies solely with the operators of the site referred to. The customer must obtain at his own expense and risk access to the Internet and have access to the necessary equipment for this purpose. In particular, voodoo4you no responsibility for any loss or not incomplete, late or other proper transmission of data, services or products outside the influence of voodoo4you. Also ruled out any liability for the unauthorized disclosure or use of passwords that can not be held voodoo4you.

8.6 The customer is liable for the improper use of the Services, violation of these terms and conditions or contractual obligations if it has to represent them. The customer has to pay the charges incurred by co-users or unauthorized use, when and where he is responsible for such use.

8.7 voodoo4you reserves the right to change parts of the site or the entire offer without prior notice, add to, delete or cease publication temporarily or permanently.


9th Rights


9.1 All subject unreservedly to the website and possibly protected by third party trademarks and service marks the provisions of applicable trademark law and the rights of the copyright owner or rights holder. The mere mention of the conclusion is drawn that the marks are not protected by law. All rights to the content and editorial products, particularly the right to copy, distribute or translate all or some parts are expressly reserved. No part of this Internet website or, neither text, music, videos, streams, images or products shall, without the prior written consent of voodoo4you reproduced in any form or transmitted to another form or language. Retains all reproduction and use rights reserved. Furthermore, the copying, reproduction, distribution, or change of content or the entire portal and the production of derivative works are prohibited.

9.2 The customer transfers voodoo4you, the temporally and spatially unrestricted and exclusive right under this Agreement to voodoo4you materials provided to or content such as articles, reviews, promotional material, ritual material for carrying out this contract, on all types without further consent to use, reproduce and distribute, perform, transmit over long lines or wirelessly, to edit and to other known or as yet unknown way exploit, in particular the material and content for advertising purposes in and outside of the website, online and offline to . use The Customer warrants that he owns is all on voodoo4you transferred rights and is voodoo4you from all claims in the event that third parties - for whatever legal reason - to make claims for the transfer and use of the materials or content submitted. The customer must ensure that any rights under it § § 12, 13 sets of 2 and 25 Copyright Act (these are the rights of the author, on the publication, the author be named and access to work pieces) can not be enforced. voodoo4you may without the consent of the customer usage rights to third parties or at its option, the rights acquired in whole or in part, to third parties.

10th Setoff and retention, billing

10.1 setoff and retention to the customer only if the counterclaim is undisputed or legally valid. In addition, the customer retention can be exercised only if the claim is based on the same contract. The settlement of claims is the customer only with prior consent of voodoo4you permitted.

11th Privacy Policy

11.1 voodoo4you to protect personal and confidential data very seriously and is committed to respecting the privacy of its customers. Dealing with the personal information of users is done in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), the Telemedia Act (TMG) and other legal data protection regulations.

11.2 All during the registration process collected data (inventory data) and produced during the usage data (transaction data) are therefore solely for the purpose of the contract and for the purpose of billing collected, stored and used, unless the express consent of the customer to an overlying beyond present use.

12th Termination / Cancellation

12.1 The contract for the use of the service / appointment book runs as a client for an indefinite period and may be terminated at any time without notice by either side. A notice of cancellation must be made service by e-mail to info@voodoo4you.com.

2.12 Declared layoffs touch before their access is not used services and their payment obligation.


13.Final Provisions

This agreement is solely the right of voodoo4you, excluding the purchase of Goods. Performance for this agreement is the seat of voodoo4you. If the customer is an entrepreneur, will - if permitted - as the exclusive jurisdiction of the headquarters of voodoo4you agreed.



My work is professionell and serious, I am honest with you, results may vary by individual, Voodoo is not a science, Voodoo is a spiritual matter and a progressive process, I cannot give you an guarantee for success.


Conditions as of 01-01-2018

Law: Benin- Africa

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